The offer and sale of products on the website www.konk.it are regulated by what is specified in this section on point 2. Sales Contract

The products bought on www.konk.it are sold directly by “KONK di Calamia Ambra”, with its registered office in Via XI Febbraio 11 A-91011 Alcamo (TP) Italy, registered on the register of the business enterprises of Trapani with VAT registration number 02474120819.

The payments, refunds, and all monetary transactions brought about by the purchases/returned purchases are received, sent and processed by “KONK di Calamia Ambra”- www.konk.it (with its offices in Via XI Febbraio 11 A-91011 Alcamo (TP) Italy, registered on the register of business enterprises of Trapani with VAT registration 02474120819, which cashes in the name of, and on behalf of, the trader “KONK di Calamia Ambra” which has delegated KONK to manage the site and the monetary transactions brought about by the purchase of products, or their returned goods.

For information in general, help and information about purchases, you will be able to contact the assistance service offered by our enterprise by writing to the email address info@konk.it or by means of the specific link “Contacts” which you can find at the top of the menu and at the bottom of the pages of the website. For any other legal information, we advise you to consult the sections: Guarantee, Policy and Withdrawal. When you make an order of a product, you accept the “Sales Contract” (point 2 of this page).

We remind you that, according to commercial policy the seller “KONK di Calamia Ambra” is offering for sale onwww.konk.it  best quality products, and is practising its own electronic commercial activity exclusively regarding its own consumers who are known as Final Consumers: with this definition we refer to a physical person who proceeds to www.konk.it with intentions which have nothing to do with their own commercial business, or professional activity, which may take place. “KONK di Calamia Ambra” will not accept commercial relations, either buying or selling, with consumers who do not enter the category of Final Consumers. Finally it reserves the right not to accept or to deal with orders for goods the use of which may not regard the Final Consumers, or orders which are not in compliance with commercial rules described above.

The following Sales Contract regulates the offer exclusively.  It controls the forwarding and the acceptance of orders for the purchase of products on sale on www.konk.it; The supply of services or the sale of products concerning various activities different from www.konk.it, be they present on the site or traceable, for example by means of links, banners, network connections( hypertextual connections,) etc.  are not included. www.konk.it , and in particular “KONK di Calamia Ambra”, is not responsible for the supply of services on the part of other activities different from www.konk.it or for the finalization of operations of electronic commerce between the consumers of www.konk.it  and other activities.

The official language for finalizing the contract with www.konk.it is Italian. The texts present in other languages assume only the character of accessories compared with those in Italian.


When the consumer (from now on he/she is indicated as a Client) makes an order, he/she automatically accepts the introduction of point 1 of the present conditions of sale and the terms of such a contract of sale with “KONK di Calamia Ambra”, which from now on is also indicated as Seller and manager of payment, refunds, and all monetary transactions brought about by purchase/return payment of the products.

Compensation, conditions of payment and reserve of property:

1) There is no lowest value for being able to make an order and the order has no validity if it is made by means of a deposit of a part of the price.

2) Until the total amount of the order including costs of consignment is paid by the client, the goods will remain in the property of “KONK DI CALAMIA AMBRA. The system, once the order is received by means of Add Envelope will guide you to a brief summarized plan of the order including the cost of the products, and when it is requested, the addition of the Insurance for the consignment. If you click on “Make the order” you will find a plan for proceeding to the steps to be taken for buying the goods. (PointD:  buying process). The purchase is considered to be final once the Terms of Distribution and the Conditions of Sale have been read and accepted. The purchase will be considered completed once the articles and the system of payment have been chosen. By clicking on Finalize the order the client will have concluded the operation of purchase. The system will then send an email with the finalized order and confirmation that payment has been made to “KONK di Calamia Ambra”. Only the goods indicated will be included in the sales contract, together with the assurance in the email that the confirmation was sent at the moment of the consignment. Every package sent by “KONK di Calamia Ambra” will include the goods ordered inserted within the packaging with the icon ® visible and protected by means of packaging accompanied by a regular document of transport inside the package and waybill of the company of consignment. The sales contract will be considered finalized once the company has received confirmation of the complete consignment of the package.

We inform you that any taxes specified by the customs office will be the responsibility of the client and the costs will be paid by the client, cash on delivery once he/she receives the package. “KONK di Calamia Ambra” is not responsible for any debts made by the client, and invites him/her to be informed at the office in charge of the cost of any duties (taxes, tariffs).


In order to be able to become a client, and therefore to make orders onwww.konk.it, the consumer declares that he/she is in possession of at least the following compulsory requirements:

To be a Final Consumer, as is defined in the introduction to the conditions of Sale.

To be of at least 18 years of age.

To be in possession of and to supply a valid e mail address.

To be in possession of the necessary requisites to be able to stipulate legally binding contracts

To be in possession of a credit card for payment through Visa or MasterCard, or to possess a validated PayPal account or a current bank account with payment through bank transfer.


All the orders are subject to availability and to the confirmation of the price of the order: the goods on sale on www.konk.it could also be on sale and at the same time in shops (commercial activities concerning retail sale) upon request of the product and at a price which is different compared to that of the site. It will therefore be able to ascertain that the purchase of the same product through direct sale to the client on the site and the purchase of the product in the shop has, according to the market sector, a different price.

If the client of www.konk.it chose the payment through bank transfer and/or another means as indicated above, to undergo the process of purchasing, the date of the payment taken place on the account supplied by KONK Company will be taken into consideration. As previously expected, the Client will be notified of the commencement of the process of consignment and of the standard practice of purchasing through email.

In the case of a lack of availability of the product it will be the responsibility of the seller to inform the client very quickly, and in any case within (30) days starting from the day after that on which his/her order is sent to the seller, of the impossibility of bringing the sales contract to completion.

Our staff tries to ensure the accuracy of all details, descriptions and the prices which appear on www.konk.it In spite of this it is possible that mistakes can happen, above all because of the insertion of data into the database with the consequent risk of human error. Should we find an error in the price of the products that the client has ordered, he/she will be informed as soon as possible and he/she will have the right to choose either to reconfirm the order, at the correct price, or to cancel it.

If we are not able to contact him/her we will consider the order to be cancelled. If, as a result of modification of the price, the client decides to cancel the order after having already paid for the products he/she will receive a total refund. In the case in which it is applicable, the price includes VAT. The costs of a consignment will be added separately: these added costs are already indicated in the section: Distribution in the case in which they apply, and are included in the sum total.


www.konk.it accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Bank return in advance
  • PayPal circuit
  • Credit card

All payments will be sent to “KONK di Calamia Ambra” which deals with the management in the name of and on behalf of that firm. The site www.konk.it, which will transmit payments, issue the regular Document of Sale and will provide all the necessary guarantees according to the law.

If the client decides to pay with a bank transfer in advance, the IBAN to which to send the payment made out to “KONK di Calamia Ambra” will be indicated in the buying procedure.

If the client decides to pay with a PayPal account, it will be sufficient to insert the data of access to the personal account.

If the client decides to pay with Credit card/PayPal card, he/she can click on the link “haven’t you got a PayPal account?” as indicated in the picture.


In order to conclude the contract of purchase of one or more products on www.konk.it, the client must fill in the order form electronically, and send it to the seller online, following the instructions as shown here:

By clicking on Make the order you will find the way to register, in the case of an unregistered client, or to insert data in the obligatory areas as a registered client. Besides this you will find the acceptance of the Terms of Distribution, all the options for payment methods, and the acceptance of the Sales Conditions described above. The purchase will be considered final once he/she has accepted all the required conditions, that he/she has chosen the system of payment and has clicked on Finalize the order. The system will thus send an email with the concluded order and the confirmation of the credit paid to “KONK di Calamia Ambra”. You should choose the product by itself and click on the symbol Add to the envelope. The envelope represents a virtual position of the account of the consumer or of the general client, in which the articles chosen and ready to be paid for by means of (Finalize order) are memorized. 

Adding articles to the envelope does not guarantee the possibility to complete the purchase. The client will find himself in the summarized scheme. The articles in the envelope remain available to other consumers online at the same time and to the clients present in the shop online until one of them completes the operation of the buying process. When He /she proceeds to payment of the articles, he /she will be notified if the article should not be available. If He /she should be interested in purchasing their particular article anyway, he/she will be invited to contact info@konk.it which will let him/her know the time he/she will need to wait for the production of the goods in question. The client can add articles to the packet and find them again when the next session of the browser opens, thanks to the Cookies.

The products can always be added to the envelope, in whatever position of the site they may be seen (navigation according to category, homepage, similar products, etc). The products can be added to the envelope, whether the consumer is registered to www.konk.it or in the case that he/she may decide to proceed to the purchase as a guest.

When the selection of the products is completed, the client will have to examine the order in order to sum up and check. To gain access it is necessary to click on the icon Envelope seen at the top left of the menu.

You must remember that www.konk.it sells only to clients who are part of the category Final consumers.

If the goods in the envelope are definitely those required, as the client has checked on his/her summing up, he/she will have to proceed to the purchasing procedures described above. If he/she should not be interested in an article, he/she will still be able to cancel it by means of an x placed beside every article on the summary of the order shown on the screen.

If the client has not yet gained access as a registered consumer, he/she will be able to proceed to the purchase by means of the button Make the order and choose to conclude either as a guest client, by registering on the site www.konk.it and becoming a registered client, or by gaining access to his/her own account. Also in the first case it is compulsory that the client provide some data necessary for making the order, such as (as an example) the address included in the invoice, the destination of the delivery and e-mail contact.

In the method of consignment the client will choose the way in which he/she prefers to receive the goods ordered. From the information of payment given, he/she chooses the method and obtains the information necessary to make the payment for the order.

In Re-examination of order the order will be summarized and the client will be able to see the cost of the goods ordered, any costs for delivery and tariffs where applicable: by clicking on Finalize order the client of www.konk.it will complete the buying process and will accept the present Sales contract.

Before proceeding to the purchase of the products and completing the process of purchasing by revision of the order, the client will have to declare that he/she has carefully read the conditions of Sale, the terms of delivery and the information regarding Withdrawal: without confirmation by means of ticking the necessary box, the order will not be examined.


1. The client who has been deprived of his order has the right to withdraw from the contract. He/she can withdraw without penalty and without having to provide a motivation within 10 days starting from the reception of any article on sale on the site.

2. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the articles have been used or worn, or if they present signs of wear, abrasions, nicks or scratches. The articles must be returned in their original packaging, together with all the documentation, where present. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the goods are bought by retailers or by companies whose purpose is for their own professional activity.

3. Insurance costs and those concerning transport of the returned goods are regulated according to the general conditions of sale. If the client should omit to insure the object returned during transport he/ she remains the only person responsible in the case of loss or robbery of the object. For objects of great value the client must organize, also via email, through www.konk.it with “KONK di Calamia Ambra” the sending of a trusted courier who will deal with the collection of the returned goods subject to an arrangement with the client. In this case, cost of insurance and transport remain the responsibility of the client.

4. In order to proceed to the return of the goods purchased and objects of withdrawal, the client will have to communicate his/her intention to withdraw from the purchase within the period established by law (10 days) from reception of the order.This communication can be sent by email and immediately after by means of a registered letter with notice of reception of the goods.

Steps will be taken to inform the client by email that the acceptance of the returned goods has taken place and the client will be authorized to send the package containing the returned goods to:



Registered Office:

Via XI Febbraio, 11/A
91011 Alcamo (TP)


Address for distribution:

Postaprivatanazionale di Alcamo

Viale Europa , 22
91011 Alcamo (TP)

5. In any case, “KONK di Calamia Ambra” will not be liable for the costs of delivery.  What is more, it will take no responsibility for losses or damages during return of the goods.

6. If the client wishes to take advantage of his/her right to withdraw, he/she is in any case obliged to send back the goods received in very good time, and in any case no later than the 10th day following reception of them. KONK di Calamia Ambra” will reimburse the sum taken within 48 hours starting from the reception of the returned goods by means of PayPal, MasterCard, Visa or bank transfer. (Give the IBAN numbers in the documentation of the returned goods. The return of the goods must take place in the original packaging.

7. Questions concerning the returning of the goods and the right to withdraw can be sent to the email address info@konk.it