Every Konk object comes into being through creative and inspired research aimed at new lines of design.

Ignazio Calamia, Konk’s creative designer, with a passion for the sea and marine life, is the artistic spirit of the company. From his first creative inventions with the sea as his source of inspiration, he designed patterns in the “shell style”, re elaborating the theme of the shell and producing the graphic design of the jewels and the scarves.

Ambra Calamia, fashion manager, with a love for fashion, optimized the creative ideas of the designer and followed the realization of jewels and scarves, taking care to oversee every detail of the production processes. What is more, she ensures that every product has a high standard of quality, through collaboration with the most important companies of Italian jewellery in Vicenza and Arezzo, and for silk production, Como.

The innovative industrial processes of production are applied, in every phase of their creation, to the working of silver, the raw material of Konk, jewellery, with avant-garde technical solutions.
This results in jewels, which are incomparable from an aesthetic point of view, and every detail is worked meticulously so that the jewels are absolutely without defect.
Some more exclusive models are realized by means of laser application, in order to obtain sharp contours in a clear and impeccable engraving of the design.