INFORMATION, CONSIGNMENT, DELIVERY AND TARIFFS di “KONK di Calamia Ambra” sends its own products through the agency Postaprivatanazionale di Alcamo where possible, through the reliable service offered by the DHL courier for Italy and UPS/TNT in Europe and abroad. When these couriers are used, all the consignments,  in Italy and the rest of the world, can be traced. At the moment of consignment the DHL or UPS/TNT tracking number will be given to the client so that he may follow the progress of his own consignment.

As far as the client is concerned, it is compulsory that he/she be specific in giving his/her correct full address, name and surname, house number and street, specific and not general post code, and if necessary the internal number of the building and his/her name together with those names visible by the main door of the building showing the bells and the intercom service. It is, however above all necessary to supply one or more telephone numbers to facilitate delivery for the courier.

If it is not possible to use the DHL or UPS/TNT courier, we will be able to deliver through national and international post, indicating to the consumer a consignment code, without, however, guaranteeing traceability. This is the case with Russia, which will have the costs indicated for European destinations, even if it does not belong to the EU. In this case delivery will take place by post within a period from 20 to 30 working days. We invite the client to contact us for any information concerning the time of delivery.

Finally, if should receive orders for delivery in areas which are not served by regular delivery services, it can reserve the right to cancel the order, and will reimburse the value of the order to the client without any injunction.

Times of delivery can vary according to availability, and any provisions concerning delivery times are dependent on what is going on in Italy. Consignment of goods takes place only after payment by “KONK di Calamia Ambra”; we specify that in the case of payment with bank transfer, the credit value (in currency) on the bank account of “KONK di Calamia Ambra”, and a the sending of a receipt of the bank transfer will not be regarded as proof of payment. The orders will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Times of delivery can vary according to time in which the order is received. For orders whose payment is received during the weekend, consignment will be organized from the following Monday morning. And for those whose payment is received on bank holidays, consignment will be organized for the first working day following. There are exceptions to this such as periods of the ceasing of activity in summer or bank holidays, for example Christmas. In these cases a notice on the home page of will inform you about delays in delivery or expected times of delivery, which may differ from the times publicised here. uses 3 types of service of DHL and UPS/TNT.

  1. Standard service: delivery 3-5 working days from consignment (Italy).
  2. International Standard Service: delivery from 5-20 working days from consignment (Europe/ rest of the world)
  3. Express service: delivery between 1-3 working days from consignment (only Italy).

We inform you that any Customs tariffs are the responsibility of the Client, and will be paid by the Client cash on delivery, once the package has been received.

Therefore “KONK di Calamia Ambra” is not responsible for such debts, which are the responsibility of the Client, and it is therefore necessary to be informed about the cost of any customs duties (tariffs) from the authorities concerned.

*For Sardinia, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, and the smaller islands, the timing may not correspond completely with that which has already been stated above.

The following is a clear simple and simple summary of the costs of the consignment.

  • For destinations in Italy, the standard Service has a cost of €15.00 for orders less than €100.00, and is free of charge for orders which have a sum total which is equal to or higher than €100.00. This tariff includes insurance up to €250.00. For amounts which are higher than this, insurance will be the responsibility of the Client.


  • There is a fee for Express service in Italy, and the Client will be charged €20.00 for orders costing less than €200.00, and those costing more are free of charge. It will be at the discretion of KONK Company to suggest insurance of the product, which will be chargeable to the Client.


  • Destinations in Europe, in countries belonging to the EU: the standard Service is of DDP type (Delivery Duty Paid), it has a cost of €50.00 and is charged for orders costing less than €150.00, and is free of charge for orders with a sum total equal to or above €150.00.


  • Destinations in Europe in countries not belonging to the EU: the Standard service is of the DDU type (Delivery Duty Unpaid). It has a cost of 65.00 Euros and is free of charge for orders with a sum total equal to or higher than 250.00 Euros.  The customs duties, importation taxes and local taxes are therefore always the responsibility of the recipient, therefore the total cost of transport will always be €65 and /or free of charge plus taxes and any insurance required.
  • For destinations in the rest of the world: the Standard service is of the DDU type (Delivery Duty Unpaid). It has a cost of €100.00 and is free of charge for orders with a sum total equal to or higher than 300.00 Euros. Customs Duties and local taxes are always chargeable to the addressee, therefore the total cost of transport will always be €100 and /or free of charge plus taxes and the cost of insurance on request.


Value 0- 250.00€ – amount 5.00 plus price of article.

Value 250.01-500.000€ – € 12€ plus price of article.

Value 500.01-999.99€ – amount 24€ plus price of article.

*This is valid for Europe, Japan, China, USA and Canada, Brazil and the Arab Emirates.

Morocco, Africa in general, Russia and the rest of the world have no standard tariff rate to insure the article, so that “KONK di Calamia Ambra” will calculate 10% on the total price of each single article.

The courier DHL-UPS will carry out deliveries from Monday to Friday during office hours. Should the first delivery not be collected, due to the absence of the addressee, another delivery will be attempted on the first available working day.

After a second attempt at delivery, it will remain in the 15-day depository of the courier concerned which is nearest to the destination, and it will be the responsibility of the Client to organize further action and to pay for the retrieval of the product.

 KONK Company is definitely not liable to check for robbery of the product, or to assess any damages caused to it during the 15 day period in the depository, so that the Client will not have the right to Withdrawal.

The request for Express service will be accepted only for orders made before 10 am of the day in which the order is made, and after verification that the credit transfer has taken place on the current account of “KONK di Calamia Ambra”; for requests received after that time, 24/28 hours are stipulated starting from the day following the day of the order.

VAT has to be included in each item on sale at

According to present regulations the countries belonging to the EU are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

All the consignments are accompanied by the Courier’s note and the Official document of sale. These documents are included inside the package. When the client receives the goods, he/she is advised to check carefully to ensure that the package has arrived intact, before giving his/her signature as proof that delivery has taken place. In the case in which the package should be damaged, or if the adhesive tape should have been tampered with, the client has the right to accept the consignment, or to refuse. Should the consignment be accepted with an unauthorized signature, or should proof be found of tampering with the package, the client is advised to report what has happened immediately to the local office of competence regarding the courier, and to contact us by email, using the address, together with documentation and photographs of the package tampered with and the courier’s note, in order to contribute to improvement of service.

By sending the order form, the client gives confirmation that he/she has examined and accepted the Conditions of sale, the Policy, the briefing about Withdrawal. can change the conditions of sale at any moment; we will be eager to send an email to the consumer when this should happen, to inform them, but we advise all the clients to examine this following section periodically, in order to check for any changes, which may occur.